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Table 1 Headache questions in the first and second questionnaire in HUNT4

From: The HUNT4 study: the validity of questionnaire-based diagnoses

Questions Answer options
First questionnaire (Q1)  
Have you ever had migraine? Yes or no
If yes; Age of onset Years of age
Second questionnaire (Q2)  
Have you suffered from headache during the last year?
If yes; what type of headache?
a) Yes or no
Migraine or other headache
State the average number of headache days per month Less than 1 day, 1–6 days, 7–14 days, or more than 14 days
Usually, what is the pain intensity? Mild (does not inhibit daily activities), moderate (inhibiting, but not preventing daily activities), or severe (daily activities suspended)
For how long does the headache attack usually last? Less than 4 h, 4 h-1 day, 1–3 days, or more than 3 days
Is the headache usually accompanied or dominated by:
a) Pulsating pain? b) Pressing pain? c) One-sided pain (right or left)? d) Getting worse by physical activity? e) Nausea and/or vomiting? f) Increased sensitivity to light and sound?
a-f) Yes or no
Prior to or during headache; could you temporary have visual disturbance? (flickering lights, spots or lines, loss of vision) Yes or no