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Table 3 TAC diagnosis

From: Trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias presenting in a multidisciplinary tertiary orofacial pain clinic

Headache type within the possible TAC group Number of patients (%)
Cluster headache 2/62 (3%)
Confirmed hemicrania continua (Positive Indotest) 13/62 (21%)
Confirmed paroxysmal hemicrania (Positive Indotest) 1/62 (2%)
Possible hemicrania continuaa 21/62 (34%)
Possible paroxysmal hemicraniaa 2/62 (3%)
Chronic migraine (negative Indotest) 17/62 (27%)
SUNCT/ SUNA 6/62 (10%)
  1. aClinical phenotype with equivocal indomethacin response or patients who did not proceed with the Indotest