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Table 3 Proposed list of all EVS of migraine aura and their description

From: Clinical features of visual migraine aura: a systematic review

Proposed Name


1. Bright lightc

Single area of bright light

2. Foggy/blurred vision

Foggy or blurred vision

3. Zigzag linesac

Zigzag or jagged lines

4. Scotoma

Single blind area

5. Scotomata

Several blind/black areas

6. Small bright dotsc

Small bright dots/stars

7. White dots/round formsabc

Medium sized white dots/round forms

8. Colored dots/round formsabc

Medium sized coloured dots/round forms

9. Lines (colored lines)abc

Lines (colored lines)

10. Geometrical shapesabc

Geometrical shapes

11. ’Like looking through heat waves, water or oil’

’Like looking through heat waves, water or oil’

12. Visual snow

Dynamic, continuous, tiny dots usually black/gray on white background and gray/white on black background

13. ‘Bean-like’ formsabc

‘Bean-like’ forms like a crescent or C-shaped

14. Hemianopsia

Blindness of half of the visual field

15. Deformed images

Deformed images (alteration of lines/angles)

16. Tunnel vision

Blindness in the whole periphery

17. Oscillopsia

Movement of stationary objects

18. Mosaic vision

Seeing mosaic-like

19. Fractured objects

Seeing fractured objects

20. Corona effectabc

An extra edge on objects

21. Anopia

Total blindness

22. Micropsia

Objects appear smaller or more distant than they actually are

23. Macropsia

Objects appear larger or closer than they actually are

24. Like a negative film

Seeing like a negative film

25. Complex hallucinationsac

Visual perception of something not present (e.g. objects, animals, and persons)

  1. For some EVSs, when reported, patients should be asked about some additional features: a colour; b internal pattern (suggested text: “If the inside of the EVS does not have a homogeneous color but is made up an internal pattern (for example zigzag lines or chessboard) please describe it in words”); c scintillation / flickering (suggested text: “Is/are EVS scintillating (like stars or intermittent lights) and/or flickering (as rapid movements like the wings of a butterfly)?”)