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Table 1 Recommended dose regimens of CGRP MoAbs for migraine prevention

From: How to integrate monoclonal antibodies targeting the calcitonin gene-related peptide or its receptor in daily clinical practice

Drug Route of administration Dosage forms Loading dose Recommended
dose regimen
Erenumab sc injection 70 mg/mL solution Not required 70 mg monthlya
Fremanezumab sc injection 225 mg/1.5 mL solution Not required 225 mg monthly
Not required 675 mg quarterlyb
Galcanezumab sc injection 120 mg/mL solution 240 mgc 120 mg monthly
  1. aTwo consecutive injections of 70 mg each may be reasonable for selected patients (see text)
  2. bThree consecutive injections of 225 mg each
  3. cTwo consecutive injections of 120 mg each