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Table 1 Genes and SNPs studied

From: CALCA and TRPV1 genes polymorphisms are related to a good outcome in female chronic migraine patients treated with OnabotulinumtoxinA

Genes related to glutamate homeostasis
 MEF2D rs1050316 NM_001271629.1:c.*2734C>A 608320 15q26.3
 LRP1 rs11172113 NM_002332.2:c.67+4469T>C 190182 3p24.1
 MTDH rs1835740 NC_000008.10:g.98166913 T > C 610323 8q22.1
 EAAT2 rs4354668 NM_001195728.2:c.-130+507A>C 600300 11p13
 GRIK3 rs6691840 NM_000831.3:c.928T>C NP_000822.2:p.Ser310Ala 138243 1p34.3
Gene which encodes for CGRP
 CALCA rs3781719 NC_000021.8:g.22052312C>T 114130 11p15.2
rs145837941 NM_001033952.2:c.197 T > C NP_001029124.1:p.Leu66Pro
Genes of the GABA system
 GABRE rs1139916 NM_004961.3:c.304T>G NP_004952.2:p.Ser102Ala 300093 Xq28
 GABRQ rs3810651 NM_018558.3:c.1432A NP_061028.3:p.Ile478Phe 300349
 GABRA3 rs6627221 NM_000808.3:c.551+8376A>G 305660
rs2201169 NM_000808.3:c.262+23738T>C
Genes which encode voltage dependant channels
 SCN9A rs6746030 NM_002977.2:c.3448C NP_002968.1:p.Arg1150, 603415 2q24.3
 KCNS1 rs734784 NM_002251.3:c.1465A>G NP_002242.2:p.Ile489Val 602905 20q13.12
 P2RX7 rs2230912 NM_002562.5:c.1379A>G NP_002553.3:p.Gln460Arg 602566 12q24.31
rs1718119 NM_002562.5:c.1042G>A NP_002553.3:p.Ala348Thr
Gene which encodes the D2 dopamine receptor
 DRD2(ANKK1) rs1800497 NM_178510.1:c.2137G>A NP_848605.1:p.Glu713Lys 608,774 11q23.2
Gene of the 5-HT2C serotonin receptor
 HTR2C rs3813929 NM_000868.2:c.-759C>T 312861 Xq23
Genes of the TRP family
 TRPV1 rs222749 NM_018727.5:c.271C>T NP_061197.4:p.Pro91Ser 602076 17p13.2
rs222747 NM_018727.5:c.945G>C NP_061197.4:p.Met315Ile
rs222741 NM_080704.3:c.-34+2841C>T
 TRPV3 rs7217270 NM_001258205.1:c.2085+395T>C 607066 17p13.2
 TRPM8 rs10166942 NM_024080.4:c.-990T>C 606678 2q37.1
Other genes studied
 WFS1 rs734312 NM_001145853.1:c.1832G>A NP_001139325.1:p.Arg611His 606201 4p16.1
 TGFBR2 rs7640543 NC_000003.11:g.30462403G > A 190182 3p24.1
 MTHFR rs121434294 NM_005957.4:c.547C > T NP_005948.3:p.Arg183Ter 607,093 1p36.3