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Table 2 Description of Migraine Phases

From: My Migraine Voice survey: a global study of disease burden among individuals with migraine for whom preventive treatments have failed

Premonitory Phase (Before the Attack) Headache Phase (The Attack) Postdromal Phase (After the Attack)
Warning phase
Might occur days or hours before
• Concentration problems
• Irritability
• Repetitive yawning
• Sleep issues
• Food cravings
• Tiredness
• Sensory disturbances
• Speech disturbances
• Visual disturbances
• Symptoms last up to one hour
The attack (and accompanying symptoms)
• Throbbing one-sided headache
• Sickness, nausea
• Sensitive to light, sound
• Sleep helps
• Fatigue
• Food intolerance
• Altered mood
• Impaired concentration
• Less intense pain
• Hangover feeling
• Weak
• Need rest