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Table 1 Parameters Collected in the Survey

From: My Migraine Voice survey: a global study of disease burden among individuals with migraine for whom preventive treatments have failed

Domain Items
Sociodemographic characteristics • Age
• Gender
• Income
• Place of living
• Occupation status
• Family status
Health/medical history • Monthly migraine days
• Monthly headache days
• Characteristics of migraine (eg, symptoms, pain, nausea, aura, duration)
• Medication history
• Migraine history (eg, time affected by migraine, diagnosis, time since diagnosis, engagement with HCPs)
• Family history of migraine and headache (parents, siblings, children)
• Comorbidities (chronic conditions)
QoL • QoL
• Experience of living with migraine (eg, fear of migraine attack, ability to focus, fatigue, feelings of frustration/hopelessness)
Healthcare utilization • Healthcare utilization (eg, hospitalizations, ED visits, outpatient visits, general practitioners, neurologists, headache centers, brain scans)
• Treatments for relief of headache/migraine
• Treatments for prevention of headache/migraine
• Non-pharmacological management
Impact on daily life • Work status (including changes in employment due to migraine)
• Daily activities and household activities
• Work productivity using WPAI-Migraine
Treatment patterns/ participants’ treatment experience • Time on treatment
• Treatment satisfaction
• Reason for switching (if any)
  1. ED Emergency department; HCP Healthcare provider; QoL Quality of life; WPAI Work Productivity and Activity Impairment