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Table 1 (abstract P129). Trochlear migraine – two case report

From: 12th European Headache Federation Congress jointly with 32nd National Congress of the Italian Society for the Study of Headaches

Clinical features   
Sex M M
Age at diagnosis trochlear pain 12 11
Age at onset of migraine, y 10 10
Migraine subtype Ep MwA Ep MwA
Location of migraine pain Troch. Troch/fronto-temp
Age at onset trochlear pain 10 Not specified
Side trochlear pain Alternanting Alternanting
Quality troclear pain Puls./pre Puls
Temporal pattern of active pain period Recurrent episodes Recurrent episodes
Intensity of trochlear pain (not included excerbations) 7-9 7-8
Photo/phonophobia associated to trochlear pain + +
Nausea associated to trochlear pain + +
Vomiting associated to trochlear pain + -
Diplopia - -
Trigger trochlear for migraine attacks Not applicable Not applicable
Response to local steroid injection Not applicable Not applicable