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Table 1 The headache disorders of particular importance in primary care

From: Aids to management of headache disorders in primary care (2nd edition)

Migraine • Usually episodic, occurring in 15–25% of the general population, in women more than men in a ratio of up to 3:1;
• A chronic type is recognised, with headache occurring on more days than not
Tension-type headache • Usually episodic, affecting most people from time to time but, in at least 10%, recurring frequently;
• In up to 3% of adults and some children it is chronic, occurring on more days than not
Cluster headache • Extremely intense and frequently recurring but short-lasting headache attacks, affecting up to 3 in 1000 men and up to 1 in 2000 women
Medication-overuse headache • A secondary headache, but occurring only as a complication of a pre-existing headache disorder, usually migraine or tension-type headache, present on most days (≥15 days/month) and affecting 1–2% of adults, women more than men, and about 0.5% of children and adolescents