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Table 4 Studies of SPG block for trigeminal neuralgia

From: Sphenopalatine ganglion: block, radiofrequency ablation and neurostimulation - a systematic review

Trigeminal neuralgia
Author Year Medical problems Approach Imaging Medication Number of cases Study design Outcome
Peterson et al. [12] 1995 Trigeminal neuralgia Cotton tip applicator None 4% lidocaine 2 Case series Pain free
Manahan et al. [13] 1996 Trigeminal neuralgia NA None Bupivacaine 1 Case report Pain free
Kanai et al. [11] 2006 Second division trigeminal neuralgia Nasal spray None Lidocaine 25 Randomized control Significantly decreased pain with intranasal lidocaine spray
Candido et al. [14] 2013 Trigeminal neuralgia, chronic migraine headache, post-herpetic neuralgia Tx360 Nasal applicator, transnasal None 0.5% ropivacaine and 2 mg dexamethasone 3 Case series Satisfactory