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Table 2 Definition of rhinosinusitis by the American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery [18]

From: Excessive daytime sleepiness in secondary chronic headache from the general population

Major factors  
 Facial pain/pressure  
 Nasal obstruction/blockage  
 Nasal discharge/purulence/discolored postnasal drainage  
 Purulence in nasal cavity on examination  
 Fever (acute rhinosinusitis)  
Minor factors  
 Fever (all nonacute)  
 Dental pain  
 Ear pain/pressure/fullness  
  1. Two major factors or one major and two minor factors are required for the diagnosis. Of note, facial pain requires another major factor associated with it for diagnosis, as facial pain plus two minor factors is not deemed sufficient for diagnoses of rhinosinusitis