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Table 4 Resources for patient management

From: Onabotulinumtoxin A for the management of chronic migraine in current clinical practice: results of a survey of sixty-three Italian headache centers

Answer options Percent
Evaluation of adequacy of available resources (equipment and personnel) at center
 Able to meet current and expected future demand 33 (52.4)
 Able to meet current demand, but not expected future demand 23 (36.5)
 Unable to meet current and future demand 5 (7.9)
 Other 2 (3.2)
Impact of inadequate resources on patient management
 Scheduled visits are postponed or cancelled 2 (3.2)
 Treatment not administered according to recommended schedule 8 (12.7)
 Patients not monitored with recommended timing 13 (20.6)
 Long waiting times for first visit 24 (38.1)
 Long waiting times for follow-up visits 10 (15.9)
 Referral of new patients to other centers to avoid increase in waiting times 2 (3.2)
 Other 4 (6.4)