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Table 6 Cost-effectiveness sensitivity analysis (4 late responders excluded)

From: Cost-effectiveness analysis of non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation for the treatment of chronic cluster headache

 Treatment group Mean cost, € Mean QALY ICERa
Response maintained
 nVNS + SoC 7380.93 0.566 nVNS dominant over SoCb
 SoC alone 7540.28 0.536
Constant rate of response loss
 nVNS + SoC 7392.09 0.550 nVNS dominant over SoCb
 SoC alone 7440.13 0.539
Diminishing rate of response loss
 nVNS + SoC 7279.89 0.560 nVNS dominant over SoCb
 SoC alone 7385.29 0.537
  1. Abbreviations: ICER incremental cost-effectiveness ratio, nVNS non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation, QALY quality-adjusted life-year, SoC standard of care
  2. aThe expense of gaining an additional QALY with adjunctive nVNS therapy (vs SoC alone)
  3. bIndicates that adjunctive nVNS therapy was more effective and cost saving than SoC alone