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Table 3 Parameters for the probabilistic sensitivity analysis

From: Cost-effectiveness analysis of non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation for the treatment of chronic cluster headache

Parameter Mean SE Distribution
Probability of response with nVNS + SoC 0.489 0.074 Beta
Probability of response with SoC alone 0.083 0.039 Beta
Probability of discontinued response 0.310 0.378 Normala
Utility score (nVNS + SoC responder) 0.772 NA Multivariate normal
Utility score (nVNS + SoC non-responder) 0.536 NA Multivariate normal
Utility score (SoC alone responder) 0.760 NA Multivariate normal
Utility score (SoC alone non-responder) 0.523 NA Multivariate normal
Resource use per 14 days
With nVNS + SoC
 Zolmitriptan 1.6 0.82 Gamma
 Sumatriptan 2.8 0.60 Gamma
 Oxygen 6.5 1.65 Gamma
With SoC alone
 Zolmitriptan 1.3 0.52 Gamma
 Sumatriptan 7.5 1.38 Gamma
 Oxygen 10.8 2.21 Gamma
  1. Abbreviations: NA not applicable, nVNS non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation, SE standard error, SoC standard of care
  2. aBased on exponential survival function