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Table 2 Unit cost of treatments

From: Cost-effectiveness analysis of non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation for the treatment of chronic cluster headache

Treatment Description Cost per dose, €
IN zolmitriptan AscoTop® Nasal 5 mg/Dosis Nasenspray, Solution €86.22: 6 single-dose nasal sprays, PZN 03107201 14.07a
SC sumatriptan Sumatriptan-Hormosan Inject 6 mg/0.5-mL Solution €64.40: 2 pre-filled syringes, PZN 04700154 31.31a
Inhaled oxygen Estimated cost per CH attack 2.87
nVNS gammaCore device pre-loaded with 300 stimulations 0.87
  1. Abbreviations: IN intranasal, nVNS non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation, SC subcutaneous
  2. aPrices include mandatory pharmacy discount of €1.77 per pack
  3. Published prices for zolmitriptan and sumatriptan were taken from Lauer-Taxe (cheapest available price selected) [19]. Price for oxygen was estimated using daily cost from Gaul et al [3]