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Table 1 Summary of symptom development

From: The temporal evolution of a facial pain syndrome associated with neurovascular contact: a case report

Time Pain localization & characteristics Triggers Pain duration Attack frequency Cluster duration Associated CAS Presumed diagnosis
Onset Right-sided, sensory area of TG, sharp, intense. Right-sided touching of hair or skin 1 s – 3 min in intervals of 15 min – 4 hrs. 4-5 x daily 1-3 weeks No TN
+2 yrs. Unchanged Increased Unchanged Increased   Unchanged Atypical facial pain
+9 yrs. Right-sided, supraorbital, radiating towards teeth & ear Right-sided speaking, eating, tooth-brushing 5-10 min 5-6 x daily Constant No TN
Right eye, intense, sharp None 60-90 min 5-6 x daily 1 month Yes CH
+10 yrs. Right eye, radiating to teeth, stabbing, electric shocks Unchanged 10-15 min 25 x daily Constant Yes TN with CAS