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Table 1 Headache triggers and accompanying symptoms of headache assessed by our questionnaires

From: Photo-, osmo- and phonophobia in the premonitory phase of migraine: mistaking symptoms for triggers?

Headache triggers Foods, stress, relieve from stress, weather/change in weather, bright sunlight, flickering light, heat, cold, physical exercise, sexual intercourse, irregular meals/skipping of meals, decreased water intake, sleep abundance, sleep deprivation, holiday, alcohol, smells/odours, resolvents, electric fields, medication, hormonal changes, specific head movements, other illnesses (e.g. common cold), touch
Accompanying symptoms of headache Photophobia, phonophobia, osmophobia, need for rest, nausea, vomiting, allodynia of the skin, vertigo, facial rush, facial sweating, restlessness/agitation, swelling of lymph nodes, neck pain, conjunctival injection, tearing, eyelid oedema, ptosis, nasal congestion, rhinorrhoea, difficulty speaking, blurred vision