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Table 2 Proposed criteria for ictal epileptic headache (IEH)

From: Headache and comorbidity in children and adolescents

A. Headache lasting seconds, minutes, hours or days;
B. Headache that is ipsilateral or contralateral to lateralized ictal epileptiform EEG discharges (if EEG discharges are lateralized);
C. Evidence of epileptiform (localized, lateralized or generalized) discharges on scalp EEG concomitantly with headache; different types of EEG anomalies may be observed (generalized spike-and-wave or polyspike-and-wave, focal or generalized rhythmic activity or focal subcontinuous spikes or theta activity that may be intermingled with sharp waves) with or without photoparoxysmal response (PPRs)
D. Headache resolves immediately after i.v. antiepileptic medication