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Table 2 Patient 14

From: Modified Valsalva test differentiates primary from secondary cough headache

  Patient 14 CH* Controls*
PCF area (mm2) 3094 3164 3510
Hindbrain area (mm2) 2537 2463 2553
Clivus length (mm) 35 41.9 46.6
Clivus to mid pons (mm) 8 5.2 7.2
Basion to medulla (mm) 6.1 6.6 8.2
  1. *Data from Chen et al. [14].
  2. Measurements of posterior cranial fossa (PCF) area and linear dimensions relative to hindbrain area based on T1 weighted MRI, compared to published data from cough headache patients with apparently normal MRI (CH) and asymptomatic controls. Chen et al. [14] found that the PCF area in the cough headache patients was significantly smaller than controls while hindbrain areas did not differ. Thus the hindbrain/PCF ratio was significantly greater in the cough headache patients (0.78 ± 0.04 v 0.73 ± 0.06, p<005). In patient 14, the ratio was 0.82, well within the ‘posterior fossa crowdedness’ criterion.