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Table 1 Overview of published GWAS in migraine

From: Genetics of migraine in the age of genome-wide association studies

Study Anttila et al. [57] Ligthart et al. [61] Chasman et al. [62]
Consortium name IHGC DICE (–)
Discovery samples
Names ?,?, LUMINA ERF, NESDA, NTR1, NTR2, Rotterdam study, AGES study WGHS
Origin Clinic-based; Finland, Germany, The Netherlands Population-based; The Netherlands, Iceland Population-based; US, European descent
# of migraineurs/non-migraineurs 2,731/10,747 2,446/8,534 5,122/18,108
Implicated gene variants (gene)a rs1835740 (between MTDH and PGCP) rs9908234 (NGFR) rs2651899 (PRDM16)
rs2078371 (–)
rs10166942 (TRPM8)
rs17172526 (SEPT7)
rs2203834 (C8orf79)
rs13290757 (–)
rs11172113 (LRP1)
Replication samples
Origin Clinic- and population-based/Denmark, Iceland, Germany, The Netherlands Population-based/The Netherlands, Australia Population-based/The Netherlands, Germany; clinic-based/Europe
# of migraineurs/non-migraineurs 3,202/40,062 2,957/5,774 3,828/13,949
Replicated gene variants rs1835740 (between MTDH and PGCP) None rs2651899 (PRDM16) rs10166942 (TRPM8) rs11172113 (LRP1)
Meta-analysis among Discovery and replication samples Discovery samples Discovery and replication samples
Pooled resultsa rs1835740: OR = 1.18, 95% CI 1.13–1.24, p = 1.69 × 10−11 rs9908234: p = 8.00 × 10−8 rs2651899: OR = 1.11, 95% CI 1.07–1.15, p = 3.8 × 10−9
    rs10166942: OR = 0.85, 95% CI 0.82–0.89, p = 5.5 × 10−12
    rs11172113: OR = 0.90, 95% CI 0.87–0.93, p = 4.3 × 10−9
Other implicated gene variants in discovery samples
Significance threshold p ≤ 5 × 10−5 p < 10−5 p < 5 × 10−6
Gene variants (genes)a rs12084862 (SMYD3) 31 other SNPs including: rs2078371 (–)
rs17528324 (INSIG2) rs11636768 (AGBL1) rs17172526 (SEPT7)
rs17862920 (TRPM8) rs10275320 (MACC1) rs2203834 (C8orf79)
rs2038761 (MYLK4) rs4939879 (LIPG) rs13290757 (–)
rs6456880 (ZNF311) rs4861775 (AGA)  
rs7753655 (–) rs986222 (KIF2OB)  
rs10888075 (near SGCZ) rs6107848 (BMP2)  
rs10111769 (–) rs140174 (IGLL1)  
rs2042600 (NAV2) rs1146161 (TSPAN2)  
rs3794331 (COG3) rs4742323 (KDM4C)  
rs473422 (near AQP9)   
  1. IHGC International Headache Genetics consortium, LUMINA Leiden University Migraine Neuro Analysis, DICE Dutch-Icelandic migraine genetics consortium, ERF Erasmus Rucphen Family study, NESDA The Netherlands Study of Depression and Anxiety, NTR The Netherlands Twin Registry, GEM Genetic Epidemiology of Migraine, ATM Australian Twin Migraine GWA study, WGHS Women’s Genome Health Study, SHIP Study of Health in Pomerania, OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval
  2. aResults for overall migraine