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Table 5 Predictors of pain symptoms, according to a multivariate logistic regression model using a forward selection criteria

From: Migraine is comorbid with multiple sclerosis and associated with a more symptomatic MS course

  Trigeminal neuralgia Facial pain Occipital neuralgia TMJ Lhermitte’s sign RLS Non-facial pains Allodynia Daily pain medication
No migraine versus migraine 0.145 (0.041–0.511) 0.197 (0.064–0.608) 0.103 (0.034–0.313) 0.237 (0.084–0.667) 0.211 (0.092–0.486)   0.165 (0.074–0.364)   
No depression versus depression       0.296 (0.131–0.666)   0.242 (0.095–0.615) 0.192 (0.066–0.522)
  1. Values are OR and 95% CI after forward selection criterion. p ≤ 0.01
  2. Age, gender, disease duration, IFNβ usage, migraine and depression were not significant predictors of painful spasms; age, gender, disease duration and IFNβ usage were not significant predictors of any symptom