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Table 4 Changes in prophylactic treatment (drug and daily dose) between baseline and the end of the open phase

From: Safety and efficacy of deep brain stimulation in refractory cluster headache: a randomized placebo-controlled double-blind trial followed by a 1-year open extension

Patient Long-term responder Before implantation 1-year follow-up
C1P1 Yes Verapamil 240 mg No treatment
Lithium 800 mg
C1P2 No Verapamil 1440 mg Verapamil 1440 mg
C1P3 No Verapamil 1200 mg Verapamil 1200 mg
C1P4 Yes Verapamil 600 mg Verapamil 1080 mg
Lithium 400 mg
C1P5 No Verapamil 720 mg No treatment
Lithium 800 mg
C2P1 Yes Verapamil 960 mg Verapamil 360 mg
Lithium 1000 mg Lithium 500 mg
C2P2 Yes Lithium 800 mg Divalproex 1500 mg
Fluoxetine 40 mg
C3P1 Yes Verapamil 360 mg Verapamil 360 mg
Prednisone 20 mg
C3P2 No Verapamil 480 mg Verapamil 480 mg
C4P1 Yes Verapamil 720 mg Verapamil 720 mg
C4P2 No No Verapamil 240 mg
  1. Long-term responders were defined as patients with weekly attack frequency decrease ≥50% at the end of the open phase, compared to baseline