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Table 3 Studies of psychiatric comorbidity in patients with chronic daily headache

From: Psychiatric comorbidity in patients with chronic daily headache and migraine: a selective overview including personality traits and suicide risk

Study Criteria for headache diagnosis Criteria for psychiatric diagnosis Mood disorders (%) Anxiety disorders (%)
Mathew et al. [54] By their own criteria MMPI subscore 61 Not assessed
Verri et al. [10] IHS DSM IIIR (SCID-P) Major depressive disorder: 25
dysthymia: 17
GAD: 69.3
Puca et al. [34] IHS CIDI-by physicians 45 56
Mitsikostas and Thomas [49] IHS + mixed type headache Psychiatric evaluation if HDRS > 16 10 (10 in CTTH, 19 in MOH, 9 in mixed type) Not assessed
Wang et al. [76] Adopted criteria of Silberstein et al. [2] + IHS for CTTH DSM IV (GDS-S) 29 Not assessed
Juang et al. [48] Adopted criteria of Silberstein et al. [2] DSM IV (MINI) Major depressive disorder: 55
dysthymia: 11
GAD: 5
Panic: 27
Holroyd et al. [41] IHS BDI Major depressive disorder: 21 17
Atasoy et al. [75] ICHD II DSM IV (SCID-II, SCID-CV) 37.3 (25 in Group C; 51.6 in Group E; 36.2 in Group M) 15.3 (10.7 in Group C; 16.1 in Group E; 17.2 in Group M)
  1. MINI International Neuropsychiatric Interview; SCID the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV; GDS-S Geriatric Depression Scale-short Form; IHS International Headache Society; CTTH Chronic Tension-type Headache; MMPI Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory; HDRS Hamilton Depression Rating Scale; GAD Generalized Anxiety Disorder; BDI Beck Depression Inventory; CIDI Composite International Diagnostic Interview; ICHD-II The international classification of headache disorders, 2nd edition; MOH Medication-Overuse Headache